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Aspiring ZANU-PF local councilor Phiri Chiwemba accepts defeat after losing electoral race

CVZ (Community Voices Zimbabwe)
CVZ (Community Voices Zimbabwe)

Ephraim Munhuwei

In a surprising turn of events, Phiri Chiwemba, an aspiring candidate from the ZANU-PF party for Ward 3 in the Gokwe constituency who was vying for a local councilor position, has gracefully accepted defeat following the announcement of election results. Chiwemba, who expressed his unwavering determination throughout the campaign, demonstrated remarkable sportsmanship by acknowledging the people’s verdict and pledging his support to the newly elected councilor.

Despite vigorous campaigning efforts and widespread support within the ZANU-PF party, Chiwemba’s electoral journey concluded with a loss. However, rather than dwelling on the setback, he showcased leadership qualities by recognizing the will of the electorate and embracing their decision.

Speaking at a post-election press conference surrounded by his supporters, Chiwemba addressed the people with a resolute tone. He thanked his constituents and party members for their unwavering support, highlighting the collective effort put into the campaign. Demonstrating a commitment to democratic values, Chiwemba congratulated the winning candidate, expressing his willingness to work together for the betterment of the community.

Chiwemba emphasized his gratitude towards the constituents who placed their trust in him and shared his vision for the local council’s development. He acknowledged the importance of democratic processes and urged his followers to respect and support the newly elected councilor, embracing the principles of political stability and unity.

“Fellow residents, I am speaking with a heavy heart of appreciation and gratitude that the elections were done peacefully and concluded with results presented to us. As ZANU-PF’s aspiring Councilor together with our campaign teams, we have done our part but, the majority of Residents have decided to vote for the opposition and won the Ward. I, therefore, accept the results and wish Ms Limbani of CCC all the best with the development of our beloved Ward. Our race for the control of Ward 3 as a councilor ended last Wednesday, and wish you all better lives and development for the ward,” said Phiri.

As Chiwemba bid farewell to his campaign, he assured the public that he would remain actively engaged in serving the community, albeit in a different capacity. He vowed to continue advocating for civic participation and constructive dialogue to address the needs and aspirations of the local residents.

“My contributions to the electrification of Phase 2 continue, and I hope ZESA will do their part. Thank you all with best wishes for the coming 5 years under the leadership of Ms Limbani chosen by the majority of the residents,” he said.

Furthermore, Chiwemba called for unity within his party, stressing the significance of putting aside differences and rallying behind the elected representative. He emphasized the collective objectives of the ZANU-PF party, centered on the principles of progress, development, and uplifting the lives of their constituents.

The aspiring councilor’s graceful acceptance of defeat serves as a testament to his character, inspiring many who witnessed his campaign. While the electoral race has concluded, Chiwemba’s dedication to the betterment of the community and respect for democratic processes remain a shining example for aspiring politicians.

As the local councilor prepares to take office, the community eagerly anticipates witnessing the collaborative efforts between the incoming representative and Chiwemba, as they come together to pursue shared goals and work towards the overall progress and development of their region.

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