Fight against drugs and substance abuse must start at home: Masvisvi

Ephraim Munhuwei

In the ongoing battle against drugs and substance abuse, experts and community leaders are stressing the importance of focusing efforts at home. Recognizing that early intervention and education play a crucial role in preventing drug abuse.

Daveson Masvisvi, the newly elected Member of Parliament for Gokwe Central constituency firmly believes that the fight against drugs and substance abuse must begin within the four walls of each home. With a goal to educate parents and caregivers, he has initiated various awareness programs and workshops in partnership with local schools, community centers, and health organizations.

“Charity begins at home and so it follows that the fight against drug and substance abuse must begin at home. When drug abuse starts at home, parents usually don’t take it seriously. These are never reprimanded but praised for drinking like their fathers. Scenes and sights of drunk youths are sometimes tolerated and glorified as part of family practice.

“I have bitterness in my heart as a leader that our youths are involved in drug and substance abuse that is dragging back Gokwe in terms of devolution implementation and development. In prevailing the escalating cases of immodest behavior and drug and substance abuse among the youths, parents must complement the government in its fight against juvenile misconduct and retrace the place of moral values of children in a family setup.

“Drug and substance abuse has become very topical in several circles with the government leading the crusade against the abuse of drugs and substances by the youths including those who are still at school in all provinces of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Speaking in interviews with some residents from Mapfumo village, Chief Njelele area, Annah Mujuru said children of today have no respect.

“Our culture says respect your elders but these children of today do not tolerate elders as their parents. If you confront them against bad behaviors and actions they insult you with vulgar words”, she said.

Siluzile Marunya said they do not know where these children are getting drugs which leads them to miss-behavioral actions.

“Young children of primary education level are drinkers and zombies of drugs, but we do not know where they get these drugs which influence them to bad behaviors that lead to devastation and dilapidation of infrastructure. If you tell them that what they are doing is bad they insult or move away from you.

“Teachers and parents must make sure children are at good places and dismiss them in good time and monitor their movements because the issue of drug and substance abuse is also leading to early marriages and high number of rape cases in our community,” said Marunya.

Apart from exhibiting profound mental disorders, youths who abuse drugs and substances are often violent and exhibit suicidal tendencies. Also, it is leading to school dropouts, robbery, and theft among other criminal cases in Gokwe.

Masvisvi said the President of Zimbabwe and all pillars of the government have propounded ways to deal with drug and substance abusers in order to end the problem.

“President ED Mnangagwa and all pillars of the government are applauded for the holistic and enormous drive towards eradicating drug and substance abuse among youths that we have to take over from where we left off before the election period. Since drug and substance abuse has become a national concern, primary institutions such as homes and schools must be empowered to deal with this national menace. Unity is more powerful, together we can make Gokwe develop,” he said.

Masvisvi added that discipline and respect are the keys to success, so drug and substance abuse must stop because these practices erode discipline and respect. He also said anyone who will be caught under the influence of drugs and substance abuse will face the consequences.

“Discipline must be part of the ingredients among the tools needed to fight against drug and substance abuse among youths. Zimbabwe needs sober future leaders not advocates of drug and substance abuse. We have a lot of projects and devolution that we want to implement in Gokwe so we need sober youths who have Gokwe in their hearts to bring change and development therefore discipline and respect are the key shorts to a goal. Anyone who is caught under the influence of drugs and substance abuse will face punishment through our helping department of the Republic Police,” said Masvisvi.

Midlands Police Spokesperson Inspector Mahoko in a press statement said the police officers will be vigilant and resilient in helping the nation to fight against drug and substance abuse which distract development and prosperity.

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