Gokwe Town councilors sworn in, promise to improve service delivery

Ephraim Munhuwei

The newly elected town councilors of Gokwe were sworn into office yesterday, pledging to prioritize and enhance service delivery for the community. With hopes running high, the councilors expressed their commitment to bringing positive change to the town of Gokwe.

All the six newly sworn-in councilors are from the main opposition party, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). One of the councilors is a female candidate among 5 male candidates. These include Edward Nguruve from Ward 1 Sesame, Foyo Ward 2 Nyaradza area, Agnes Jumo (Limbani) Ward 3 and is the only female candidate, Mutenge Lesious Ward 4, Philemon Ngwaya ward 5 Mapfungautsi and Vengesai Chipfuko ward 6 Mapfungautsi Extension.

Speaking in separate interviews with this reporter the newly sworn-in councilors emphasized the significance of the moment and assured the public of their determination to improve the quality of life for all residents.

The councilors highlighted several key areas of focus, including the development of adequate infrastructure, water and sanitation systems, education, healthcare, and economic growth. They acknowledged that these issues had been long-standing challenges for the town but expressed their determination to find innovative solutions.

“During our five-year term, we want to provide quality and loveable improvement in Gokwe Town, fulfilling people’s choices and regards. We will stick to the development as scheduled in the consultation meetings, and the budget must fulfill people’s priorities and desires. During our hundred days in the office, Gokwe residents must see the change that we implement following consultations and we are free and capable of working with all Residents Associations are mouthpieces of the residents.

“…we will work hand in hand with all Residents Associations to mitigate people’s complaints and sufferings. The Residents Associations must help us draw water control in Gokwe Town Council offices from ZINWA so that residents will understand and be provided with a good water supply,” Ngwaya added.

“…we know we have water challenges not only in Mapfungautsi, but in all Gokwe town locations. We want our MP Hon Davison Masvisvi to intervene despite the fact that we are from different political parties. We want him to represent us at ZINWA offices or even at the higher offices. Water payments and provision must come to normal because water is life…,” said Cllr Ngwaya.

Ward 3 Councilor Agnes Jumo (Limbani) the only female councilor in Gokwe

Councilor Jumo from Ward 3 Njelele Phase One and Two, said she wishes to deliver better service in Njelele, especially roads, water problems, and electricity issues.

“People from Ward 3 confidently elected me for a change, and my duty in council is to improve service delivery. We are having major problems with water supply, people are suffering because of water so we hope that, we, as the new incoming council are going to push wherever the problem is. On the issue of public safety, our roads, and street electricity in phase two, we are going to continue working from where our predecessors left getting help from well-wishers like Mr Phiri Chiwemba who have the upper hand in the electricity project.

“We have things like the need for sinking more boreholes in strategic places, as a measure to assist people not to walk long distances to fetch water, but our main agenda is that people have access to water and ideally what we want is running (tape) water at every doorstep. As a widow and as a woman I know how hard it is to carry a bucket of water from a far distance, and that is so hard for children, girls, and women themselves, so as council members we have to work very hard to change Gokwe town to a better environment for everyone,” said Jumo.

Councilor Mutegwe echoed the same sentiments by stating that he would improve basic service delivery like roads, water, and order maintenance in town.

“To improve service delivery we are also going to bring unity to council workers so that we fight together to fulfill Chamisa’s vision of ‘New Zimbabwe’. Every council worker must get their money in time for them to work hard and peacefully to bring development. Ratepayers must not complain about the service that we will deliver and that money from Gokwe Ratepayers must do something that everyone sees as a development,” said Mutegwe.

The swearing-in ceremony was attended by community leaders, residents, and representatives from various organizations. The atmosphere was filled with a sense of optimism and hope, as the new councilors embarked on a journey to transform Gokwe into a vibrant and sustainable town.

As the weeks progress, the community eagerly awaits the implementation of the councilors’ promises. The newly sworn-in officials have reiterated their commitment to regular public engagement and consultation to ensure that the community’s voices are heard and their needs are adequately addressed.

With their collective vision and determination, Gokwe’s councilors exemplify a new era of leadership that strives to put service delivery and the well-being of the community at the forefront. Their promises inspire hope among residents and offer a glimmer of positive change on the horizon.

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