Kwekwe United triumphs with a 0-2 victory in the Central Region Division One League


It was a thrilling weekend for local football enthusiasts as Kwekwe United secured a 0-2 victory against Loss Control in a highly anticipated ZIFA Central Region Division One League match. The team’s tenacity and remarkable team spirit led them to clinch a well-deserved win.

Playing away at Gresham Stadium in Zvishavane, Kwekwe United displayed exceptional skills and determination from the first whistle. Their opponents exerted great defensive tactics and were formidable adversaries. However, Kwekwe United remained resolute, showcasing their capabilities and technical prowess.

The match began with high intensity as both teams exchanged blows, searching for any opportunity to dominate the game. With the midfield battle fiercely contested, Kwekwe United’s disciplined players showcased their exceptional ball control and quick passing, impressing fans with their strategic approach.

At half-time, the two teams were deadlocked at 0-0 with nothing to show for the efforts placed by the away team. However, in the second half, they managed to pick up the pace, and psychologically attacked Loss Control as if they were playing at home.

As the game progressed, Kwekwe United’s defense showcased their resilience and solid teamwork, thwarting every attack their opponents tried to launch. The backline displayed exceptional communication and coordination, leaving no room for their rivals to find a consolation goal. Kwekwe United managed to score two goals and went home with the much-needed three points. When the final whistle blew, Kwekwe United celebrated their well-deserved away victory.

One fan jokingly said, “Loss Control failed to control the loss at their home turf, and Kwekwe United dismantled them.”

Speaking in an interview with this publication after the game, Kwekwe United Coach Beknown Mhlaingena expressed his admiration for the players’ performance, citing that they had to win the game psychologically.

“We forced them to make many errors, for example, passing errors, and they were a bit uncomfortable to play. The common ground was that we were away from home, and we psychologically worked on this aspect. We did this by attacking them like we are at our home ground and it worked well for us,” said Mhlaingena.

Asked about their strategy going into the match against Loss Control Coach Mhlaingena said the matches in the Central Region Division are difficult to predict, or plan for. Instead, he said the focus is usually working on his team’s strength.

“…strategy? There is a lot of uncertainty in our matches. As we get involved with teams, we do not even know a single player or system of play. This then gives us more opportunity to work with our strengths,” he said.

As Kwekwe United looks set to continue with this kind of consistency there is a need to work on the psychological aspect of the game, according to Coach Mhlaingena.

“…we have to work on our psychological side to avoid surprises from opponents,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kwekwe United fans have appealed to the management to provide replica kits so that fans can rally behind their team in style.

“…you are letting us down on replica kits. Please organize something so that I can purchase mine during the week,” said Joe Moyo on Facebook.

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