Mapfungautsi man loses valuables to mysterious fire, community rallies to offer support

Ephraim Munhuwei

A devastating incident unfolded in the quiet town of Gokwe in Mapfungautsi area as a man and his family lost their belongings to an unexpected fire of unknown origins. The incident, which occurred on Monday 11, September 2023 at around 0800 hours, has left the community shocked and concerned for the affected family.

The house belongs to Sithole of house number 3142 Old Mapfungautsi ZESA. Sithole together with his family left home for work in Gokwe Centre, while the children went to school when the disaster struck.  The origins of the fire are currently under investigation by local authorities, who remain puzzled by the sudden and intense blaze.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing smoke billowing from the house, acting quickly to halt the fire, by switching off the main electricity plug in the house and rushing to fetch water buckets, while others had to alert the owner. The neighbors surrounding the house assisted each other with loads of bucket water to halt the fire. Sithole arrived sooner to realise the disaster that had struck.

The rescue team from Gokwe town council arrived a little too late, as the residents had managed to halt the fire.

According to Sithole only one room was affected by the fire. Inside the room, the following goods were burnt two sofas, two mattresses, 2 bags of clothes that he intended to send to the rural areas for his relatives, one bicycle, and a bag containing books, dishes, and buckets of water.

 “We are deeply saddened by this incident, and it is our duty as a community to support one another in times of adversity,” remarked one neighbor who assisted in halting the fire.

Authorities, meanwhile, are urging residents to exercise caution and ensure their homes are equipped with fire prevention measures such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Additionally, investigations into the cause of the fire are ongoing, as authorities work diligently to provide answers to the baffling circumstances surrounding the incident.

ZETDC Senior Customer Service Officer for Gokwe Caleb Joboringo urged the members of the community to switch off all power sockets and unplug all electrical gadgets when going out.

“I urge the members of the community to switch off all electric power sockets and unplug all electrical gadgets when going out. Everyone must make sure that their electricity gadgets have no short circuits to avoid emergency fires and destruction,” said Joboringo.

This unfortunate incident serves as a reminder to all residents of Mapfungautsi and beyond of the importance of fire safety precautions and the unexpected nature of life-altering events. Despite this setback, the community’s resilient spirit shines through as they come together to provide solace and assistance.

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