Selling of pfumvudza inputs deemed an offence, Warns Minister Ncube

Ephraim Munhuwei

The distribution of presidential inputs for farming, such as seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides, has been marred by corruption among political and traditional leaders who have taken advantage for personal gain. In response to this issue, Midlands Provincial Minister of State, Owen Mudha Ncube, warned offenders that they will be prosecuted. He said this at Bomba Business Centre during the distribution of presidential inputs for the upcoming 2023-2024 Pfumvudza/Intwasa Programme.

Simukai Matsika from Mapfumo village in Chief Njelele’s area once voiced his concerns about persons with disabilities during a community dialogue conducted by Community Voices Zimbabwe (CVZ) back in July 2023. He expressed that individuals with disabilities are often marginalized and treated as less than human, resulting in the unfair allocation of resources meant for all. Matsika who then called for equal distribution of presidential inputs among all individuals, stressing the importance of inclusivity was also a benefactor of the farming inputs distributed by the Minister.

“I am glad that I have benefited from this scheme. It is now high time we put in the work so that we can harvest. As persons with disabilities we have not been included in such programs, but I am grateful to Minister Ncube, and the government now I have received the farming inputs,” he said.

Minister Ncube affirmed that selling Pfumvudza inputs is a punishable offense and will not be tolerated. He emphasized that such actions undermine the developmental trajectory of the New Dispensation. The minister warned that law enforcement agencies will take action against those found diverting national resources for personal purposes. He also emphasized that the government fully covers the transportation costs of Pfumvudza inputs to ensure equitable access for all beneficiaries.

He also expressed his commitment as the Minister of Midlands Province to monitor all deliveries of presidential inputs by political and traditional leaders.

“My office will receive daily updates on the beneficiaries to ensure effective monitoring and supervision of the distribution of the inputs. Our goal in the Second Republic is to restore Zimbabwe’s breadbasket status. The inputs we receive today will serve as an accelerator to achieve food security and self-sufficiency,” he stated.

Zimbabweans are renowned worldwide for their hard work, resilience, and unity of purpose, which serve as the foundation for nation-building and development. President Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is driving inclusive development, addressing the issues faced in marginalized areas, and leaving no one behind. To this end, the Minister of State Security has committed himself to implementing Pfumvudza in all eight districts of the Province and ensuring that inputs reach each and every farmer as intended beneficiaries.

President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, through the Agriculture 8.0 initiative, remains committed to uplifting needy communities by providing starter packs such as poultry, fisheries, livestock, fruit trees, boreholes, and nutrition gardens. The Minister of State stated that the Zimbabwean government is dedicated to numerous developmental projects and initiatives. he also highlighted that some of the challenges facing the communities are all going to be addressed sooner.

“It is essential to acknowledge that the Second Republic is implementing other impactful life-changing programs in pursuit of our National Vision 2030. The Midlands Province has witnessed the revitalization of irrigation schemes, the construction of dams, and the rehabilitation of roads.

“I am also aware that there are water challenges in this specific area of the Province. Our Presidential Borehole Drilling Programme will prioritize resolving water issues in both rural and urban areas of Gokwe urgently. Additionally, the government will continue improving the local road infrastructure through devolution funds provided to the Local Authority and the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme,” stated Minister Ncube.

Gokwe Rural District Chairperson Amon Karikoga is confident that through the Provincial Minister of State, the issue of corruption in the distribution of farming inputs will be addressed so that farming benefits every villager other than just a few people.

“Corruption is a dreadful menace that hinders agricultural progress and detrimentally impacts the Zimbabwean economy, as it benefits only a few individuals at the expense of the entire nation. It is imperative for our esteemed Minister of State to undertake robust measures to eradicate corruption. We must ensure that those found guilty of corruption face severe consequences.

“In Gokwe, our development has been stymied because of corruption. I see the arrival of our state Minister as a positive step, coinciding with the commencement of the delivery of Presidential Inputs schemes to the people. Gokwe should be an institution that commands respect and strict adherence from all, under the guidance and leadership of the Midlands Provincial Minister. Through this, we can develop our community, our families, and our nation as a whole,” he said.

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