Gokwe Town advocates for a cleaner environment through Clean Up Campaign

Ephraim Munhuwei

GOKWE Town Council (GTC) commemorated the 18th anniversary of the national clean-up campaign in Gokwe on Friday, October 6, 2023, with the acting Secretary of the council emphasized the importance of maintaining a clean environment in alignment with the Government’s Vision 2030.

The national clean-up program has made significant progress since its launch by President Mnangagwa in December 2018. Its objective is to promote community responsibility for the preservation of the natural environment, operating under the theme ‘Zero Tolerance to Litter-My Environment.’

Addressing a gathering at the Town House, GTC’s acting Secretary, Alexander Nyandoro, highlighted the significance of cleanliness from individual households to community level. This ensures a clean and safe environment, preventing diseases like cholera and malaria, where mosquitoes can breed in the presence of heaps of waste surrounding our town.

“Maintaining cleanliness is the responsibility of everyone, including educational and work facilities, recreational areas, and residential premises. By effectively managing litter, we can contribute to a healthier environment.

“The shortage of litter bins in the streets is currently a challenge for GTC, hindering the complete collection and depositing of litter in designated areas. However, the council is working diligently to increase the number of litter bins and introduce more workers who will help reduce the dispersal of litter,” said Nyandoro.

Gokwe Town Council’s newly elected Councillors wasted no time in demonstrating their commitment to the community by organizing their first clean-up campaign after taking office. In an effort to promote a clean environment and encourage widespread participation, the Gokwe Council extended invitations to various local associations. Among the attendees were two prominent associations: GUDRA, led by Chairperson Mr. Gwasha, and CGRARPA, led by Chairperson Charity Mungwani.

In a phone interview with our reporter, Mr. Gwasha, the GUDRA Chairperson, emphasized the importance of everyone’s involvement in creating a better environment, as it aligns with the President’s vision.

“If we have the capacity to dispose of waste, it is our duty to clean up. As proud residents of Gokwe, we are delighted to employ the effective strategy prescribed by our President to achieve Vision 2030. We also encourage government stakeholders to join us on this special occasion and embody the President’s mantra, ‘Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo’ (the country is built by its own people).”

Charity Mungwani, Chairperson of CGRARPA, expressed the joy of Gokwe residents in being invited to participate in the town’s clean-up efforts, as mandated by the President and the Environmental Management Agency (EMA). She emphasized the crucial role of cleanliness in combatting the rampant Cholera Outbreak.

“As residents of Gokwe, we are incredibly pleased to contribute to the cleanliness of our town, in alignment with the President of Zimbabwe’s directives and the recommendations of the Environmental Management Agency. This collaborative effort will aid in our fight against cholera, as prevention is always better than cure. Indeed, a clean environment is sacred,” remarked Mungwani.

The clean-up campaign saw active participation from a diverse range of stakeholders, including the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission Distribution Company (ZETDC), Human Affairs, Veterinary services, Cotcco, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), EMA, and the Civil Registry, among others. Through their collective efforts, these organizations demonstrated their commitment to maintaining a clean and healthy environment for the benefit of all.

Meanwhile, Minister of State for Midlands Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Owen Ncube, was thrilled to be part of the clean-up campaign held in Gokwe North District at Kazumba in Chireya Constituency. With great enthusiasm, he actively participated in the event, demonstrating his commitment to the President’s declaration.

Expressing his sense of responsibility, Minister Ncube stated, “I feel duty-bound to fulfill President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s declaration, which mandates that we clean our environment every first Friday of the month. Our goal is to ensure a clean, safe, and healthy environment, leaving no one and no place behind. As a nation, we are striving to achieve an upper middle-income economy by 2030, and this cannot be accomplished in an unclean environment. Let us unite and fight against illegal waste dumping.”

Minister Ncube emphasised the Second Republic’s commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that everyone is involved in matters relating to economic and social transformation. He highlighted the significance of the clean-up campaign in Gokwe North, particularly in Chireya Business Centre.

“The cleanup event here in Gokwe North District, and specifically at Chireya Business Centre, is a testament to the importance of inclusivity in our national priorities. The Second Republic values the participation of all, and this clean-up initiative reinforces that commitment,” he added.

Highlighting the importance of waste management, Minister Ncube encouraged the recovery and recycling of waste materials. “All waste materials should be recovered and recycled. This not only reduces the amount of waste in our environment but also contributes to improving livelihoods. Waste recycling is a key area of focus in the National Development Strategy 1, and I would be delighted to see more entrepreneurs and businesses embracing waste recycling as a sustainable business venture.”

Minister Ncube concluded by calling upon communities to work hand in hand with local authorities in addressing waste management issues. By fostering a collaborative approach, they can create a cleaner and healthier environment for all.

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