Zvishavane man allegedly endures sexual assault by three perpetrators

Ephraim Munhuwei

In a shocking incident that occurred on 10 October 2023 around 1000 hours in Zvishavane, a man became a victim of a sexual assault perpetrated by three unidentified individuals. The assault took place after the suspects offered him a lift from Zvishavane to Sandawana.

According to reports, the complainant entered a Funcargo Motor Vehicle at OK Supermarket in Zvishavane, with two females and a male driver already on board. However, during the journey, the driver deviated from the intended route, taking an alternative road called Drummond. It was during this altered route that the two females seated beside the complainant in the back passenger seat allegedly sprayed an unknown substance onto his face, causing him to lose consciousness.

When the complainant regained consciousness, he found himself in a room with the three suspects. Disturbingly, one of the female perpetrators reportedly coerced him into taking a brown pill. Subsequently, the two females took turns engaging in protected sexual intercourse with the complainant while their male accomplice was observed. They also collected the victim’s semen, placing it in condoms stored inside a cooler box.

The suspects went on to search the complainant’s pockets, stealing US$453-00 in cash along with his two sim cards. They proceeded to spray him with the same incapacitating substance used earlier, rendering him unconscious once again. It was the following morning when the complainant regained consciousness, only to be forced to consume the brown pill once more and endure forced sexual intercourse with the two female assailants. At one point, one of the perpetrators struck the victim on the head with a metal object before fleeing the scene.

Disoriented and disheveled, the complainant walked approximately 2 kilometers without knowing his whereabouts until he finally arrived at the Grain Marketing Board Depot in Zvishavane, where he sought assistance.

Midlands Police Spokesperson Inspector Emanuel Mahoko confirmed the case calling this scenario an aggravated indecency assault.

He urged the members of the public to use public transport for their safety.

“We urge members of the public to use public transport when in transit. We appeal to members of the public who might have information pertaining to the whereabouts of the suspects to approach any police station”, said Inspector Mahoko. 

From long ago it is rear for a woman to rape a man. Many people who are involved in a scenario similar to this one are allegedly given sleeping pills and sexual boosts while they are unconscious.

It is alleged that those women have taken the sperms for rituals or for Satanism.

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