Gokwe Town Council leads strategic planning review workshop

Ephraim Munhuwei

Gokwe Town Council recently conducted a thought-provoking Strategic Planning review workshop, with facilitation provided by one Mr Musvibe from Public Service Academy Senga Training Centre. The workshop was skillfully moderated by Ms. N. Mushauri, the District Development Coordinator, from the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works.

The Council’s five-year strategic plan (2021-2025) has been meticulously crafted, guided by the ambitious Vision 2030 and driven forward by the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1). This inclusive plan is the result of extensive consultations with residents, resident associations, councillors, council employees, the business community, Government Departments, informal sector traders, youth, women, and people with disabilities.

Complying with the principles of Integrated Results Based Management (IRBM), the strategic plan is designed to push Gokwe forward. The ultimate vision for the town is to transform into a modernized municipality that excels in providing high-quality services by 2025.

During the insightful workshop, the Council dedicated considerable attention to discussing several crucial annual deliverables. Highlighting the importance of these deliverables, Gokwe Town Council Chairperson Lesias Mutegwe stated, “We have extensively deliberated on key annual deliverables, such as enhancing the town’s traffic flow, improving access to essential social services, prioritizing WASH initiatives, and, at the heart of it all, aiming to improve corporate governance and administration.”

Mutegwe also emphasized some major projects that will be undertaken this year. These projects include the construction and furnishing of four classrooms at Gokwe Setlight Primary School under the Vision Kunashe initiative. Additionally, there are plans to upgrade the rank into a state-of-the-art facility featuring a paved surface, designated bays, and multi-purpose tuckshops, all aimed at bringing organization and structure to the informal sector.

The Strategic Planning review workshop has set the foundation for propelling Gokwe’s development trajectory, paving the way for a brighter future marked by progress and prosperity for the town and its esteemed community.

Gokwe Town Council has announced plans for a significant development project, which includes the construction of three modern market shades, each capable of accommodating over 50 trading stalls. According to Mutegwe, a representative of the council, “We have an ambitious project of constructing three state-of-the-art market shades, each accommodating over 50 trading stalls.”

Furthering their commitment to community development, the council has initiated discussions and signed memorandums of understanding with residents from Mpinda, Musauki, and Ghodi villages, aiming to provide lasting solutions to the villages within town boundaries.

In addition to these infrastructural developments, the council has outlined additional projects for 2024, including the construction of a public toilet in the CBD, road rehabilitation, and the drilling of solar-powered boreholes to address water shortages, supplementing the water provided by ZINWA.

Louise Taruvinga, Gokwe Town Administrator, confirmed the council’s plans for the procurement of medical equipment for Mapfungautsi Polyclinic and the opening of the Promise medical clinic. Services such as maternity care will be offered at Mapfungautsi Polyclinic starting in 2024. Taruvinga also highlighted the council’s commitment to housing delivery, earmarking over 200 stands for sale in 2024, and upgrading the Nyaradza stadium with water facilities, ablution facilities, and change rooms.

The council also emphasized the need for the integration of gender, disability, drug and substance abuse, and climate change considerations in its 2024 programming. As stated by Taruvinga, “Youth Centres will be established in 2024, and all Council premises will be upgraded to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities.”

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