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‘I will root out corruption,’ says UZA aspiring MP 

Innocent Muraiwa

KWEKWE: Dereck Manwere, an aspiring Member of Parliament for the opposition party United Zimbabwe Alliance (UZA), has made a promise to the residents of Kwekwe when he vowed to eradicate corruption once he takes on the legislative position, it can be established. 

Manwere highlighted various instances of corruption that have plagued different sectors over the past five years.

“Speaking on the issue of corruption, it is a deeply rooted habit within the immune system of the political environment of the ruling ZANU-PF party. The ruling government unfairly handled some areas like the health sector which are considered the priority of the nation with regard to the safety of the people. The existing government ravaged all health resources, there is no equipment for doctors to do their work in hospitals which are located within the country’s ten provinces. When a patient suffers from cancer, they are likely to die because of a lack of machines that can detect and curb such health challenges. I am confident that if our party wins the Harmonized 2023 General Elections, it will go a long way in uplifting the health sector,” he said.

He also emphasised the importance of national ownership and the need for visionary leadership that prioritizes the country’s well-being. He questioned the credibility of leaders who engage in corruption, as it undermines the sustainability of the nation’s economy and hinders development.

“Of course, the country is built by its owners and not by external people, the question comes up, how can someone claim themselves to be visionary leaders when they are involved in different sets of corruption that put the country’s sustainability at risk? The country’s economy is not healthy at all, there is a need for thriving development,” said Manwere.

Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, Mawere expressed concern over the swindling of donations intended to mitigate its adverse effects. He is determined to fight against corruption in all its forms to ensure that the country’s developmental pursuits are not hindered. 

“…during the Covid-19 era, there was merciless swindling of some funds by the developed countries which had a primary goal of safeguarding the nation against the negative impact of Covid-19. Enormous amounts of money were dumped into the hands of the corrupt and tyrannical governments which wanted to see their citizens sternly suffering from health threats. I gallantly say that if people vote for me, I will work tirelessly to eradicate all forms of corruption which are marring down the developmental pursuits of the country,” he added.

Manwere further addressed the issue of education, considering it a key aspect of the country’s development that requires scrutiny and progress monitoring. He plans to focus on constructing spacious and accessible learning and teaching facilities, as he believes education is being neglected in favor of other projects like borehole construction in some Kwekwe communities.

One example Manwere mentioned is Amaveni High School, which urgently requires renovations and expansion due to limited space and poor hygiene conditions. He assured the residents of Kwekwe that if he comes into power, he will prioritize these areas of development.

“I have observed that education is gradually being downplayed, ZANUPF members are mainly focusing on constructing some water sources like boreholes in other communities of Kwekwe without roping in the idea of lifting up the education system which is fast dwindling in the city. Right now as I am speaking, Amaveni High School is in urgent attention of revamping and extension. There is limited space for learners, and the hygienic conditions are very poor as there are very few cracking toilet buildings. I assure the community residents of Kwekwe that once I get to power, I will work on such areas of development,” he promised.

Furthermore, Manwere highlighted the detrimental impact of mining on the Kwekwe community. He condemned the current reckless approach to mining, especially illegal activities facilitated by those in power. He emphasized the importance of responsible mining practices to protect both the environment and the well-being of the community. He also highlighted a recent incident where unprofessional mining activities led to the collapse of Globe and Phonex primary school.

“Our country is very rich with a lot of minerals which can be used to build up the economy of the country and propel it to another stage of success. Unfortunately, it is handled in a reckless manner whereby illegal mining is exercised everywhere especially by those in power thereby shoving the lives of people into precarious predicaments. Mining is very jeopardous to the environment, this very year, a primary school located in Kwekwe called Globe and Phoenix crumbled down due to unprofessional mining which was exercised by artisan miners who at times sent by the corrupt leaders of the ruling government,” remarked Manwere.

Manwere also commented on the qualities of a good leader. He criticised the ruling ZANU-PF party members for prioritizing superficial gestures such as buying beer and food for citizens during the election period instead of focusing on tangible development that addresses the community’s genuine needs.

“The previously seating leaders of the ruling ZANU-PF party misconstrue the concept of leadership. They perceive leadership as something that is always about faking love to citizens through buying them beer and food yet people need tangible developments that speak to the community’s demands. Legislatures from ZANU-PF have a tendency of giving attention to people when the election period pulls closer,” he said.

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