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ZANU-PF Addresses Accusations of Voter Disruption

Evidence Chipadza

In response to recent allegations regarding voter disruption, the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) issued a statement. The ruling party addressed these accusations, aiming to clarify their stance and provide transparency during this critical time of the 2023 harmonised elections.

The city of Gweru woke up on Election Day to Citizens for Coalition Change (CCC) posters carrying the message ‘Do not vote the election is rigged’. CCC’s Amos Chibaya’s team was busy in the morning clearing the fake posters and confirmed that they had collected hundreds of posters. Citizens for Coalition Change (CCC) Cluster Secretary Tendai Munhamo said the motive behind these posters was to disrupt the voting process. He also added that ZANU-PF is intimidating voters through Forever Associates Zimbabwe (FAZ).

“What we know about these posters is that ZANU-PF is now feeling the heat because Zimbabweans are eager for change and as a party, we are not moved at all because citizens already made their choice. In Mkoba 20 they are stationed at address 11278 and they are taking details of voters when they are done casting their votes,” he said.

The edited version of the misleading posters

ZANU-PF firmly denied any involvement in disrupting voters’ rights and assured the public that the party is committed to upholding democratic principles. Party’s District Coordinating Committee Information and Publicity Secretary Victor Maride, emphasized that ZANU-PF stands for fair, transparent, and inclusive elections that allow all citizens to exercise their right to vote without any hindrances.

“I am only answerable to the ZANU-PF posters. As to what transpired today I do not have any clue,” said Maride.

He said that ZANU-PF recognizes the importance of a robust electoral process and pledged to work closely with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to ensure that every eligible voter can freely participate in the upcoming elections.

Moreover, ZANU-PF invited members of the opposition to present any evidence they might possess regarding these alleged disruptions. The party stated that they are open to investigations and committed to addressing any legitimate concerns that arise. They emphasized that peaceful and inclusive elections are essential for upholding democratic values and maintaining political stability in the country.

ZANU-PF firmly denied allegations of disrupting voters’ rights and reiterated their commitment to organizing free and fair elections in Zimbabwe. The party’s representatives said they are eager to address citizen’s concerns while emphasizing transparency and encouraging collaboration with opposition parties.

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