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Women oganizations impressed by female councilors taking leadership roles in Gweru City Council

Evidence Chipadza

Gweru City Council has caught the attention and admiration of women’s organizations across the country as nine talented and dedicated female councilors assumed positions of leadership within the municipal body. This groundbreaking shift towards increased female representation has sparked optimism and excitement about the future of gender equality in local governance.

The nine councilors, hailing from diverse backgrounds and possessing a wide range of expertise, have successfully broken down the barriers that have historically limited women’s involvement in decision-making processes. Their election and subsequent appointment to key leadership positions further reinforce the importance of diversity and inclusivity in public administration.

Women’s organizations have expressed their heartfelt appreciation and support for the councilors’ exceptional achievements. They believe that this notable increase in female representation will bring about positive changes, ensuring broader perspectives and unique insights into matters that directly affect the lives of Gweru residents.

Director for Zimbabwe Women Against Corruption Trust (ZWACT) Sandra Matendere said there is a need for the female Cllrs to do their duties diligently and desist from any corrupt activities.

“As ZWACT we are very happy that many women have joined Gweru City Council. We are expecting to see improvement in service delivery. We are optimistic about this team of Cllrs because it is a positive development to have women pushing the concerns of other women during meetings. Women’s participation is still low, but let us celebrate those who made it,” said Matendere.

Florence Guzha Director for Ebenezer Trust also congratulated the Cllrs for taking the leadership positions.

“We are very happy for these women and it is our hope that they are going to be great changes. Some of the women that were successful are products of women’s movements where they got the encouragement to take leadership roles for example Ward 9 Cllr Nyaradzo Madzikura is a product of Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe,” Guzha said.

The councilors themselves are eager to make tangible contributions to the development of Gweru and are committed to representing the interests of their constituents to the best of their abilities.

Ronah Masocha who was elected for the women’s quota promised to push for the reopening of the Mkoba 1 Clinic Maternity wing and also address water challenges to ease the burdens on women and girls.

“As a representative of women who understands the plight of women, I am going to push for the reopening of the Mkoba 1 maternity wing because it breaks my heart when women walk long distances to the Mkoba 13 clinic. I am looking forward to pushing again on the provision of water regularly,” said Masocha.

Meanwhile, former Ward 13 Cllr Alderwoman Catherine Mhondiwa said women should always speak out on issues affecting women.

“I am happy for the women who made it. Now it is your time to make noise let your voices be heard in full council meetings and keep pushing for women’s issues,” she said.

As the city eagerly watches the progress of Gweru’s female councilors, it is evident that their contributions will pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable society. With their valuable expertise and unwavering commitment, they are set to shape policies and initiatives that will positively impact the livelihoods and aspirations of Gweru’s residents, while serving as role models for aspiring women leaders

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