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Kwekwe’s newly sworn-in councilors vow to transform the City

Innocent Muraiwa

In a bid to revitalize the city’s image and improve the quality of life for its residents, Kwekwe’s newly sworn-in councilors have pledged to bring about a significant transformation to the face of Kwekwe.

Following the August 2023 elections, councilors took their oaths of office recently, promising to prioritise the development and progress of the city. With a shared vision of revitalizing Kwekwe, the councilors have wasted no time in outlining their ambitious plans for the future.

The councilors identified several key areas that require immediate attention. Among their top priorities is the improvement of infrastructure, including roads, service delivery, and water supply. Recognizing the importance of a well-maintained road network, the councilors pledged to make sure that all roads are pothole-free.

“Msasa Park residents are in the informal business sector, most of them are vendors and they are in dire of some business facilities like capital, selling products. As a way of sailing them through this vicious economy with a lot of developmental trajectories, I will definitely support them with everything that calls up for vibrant business. We do not want people to suffocate due to unmitigated hunger and starvation.

“Like sheep without a shepherd, people are wandering around looking for the betterment of their lives, they do not have a choice. They dump themselves into unsafe and jeopardous conditions with the chief motive of getting money. In order to curb such a cold-blooded and mischievous move, I will engage with the police on behalf of the residents to increase some patrols so that they incarcerate all the culprits who mess up the lives of people,” said Ward 14 Councilor, Albert Zinhanga.

Zinhanga also spoke on the issue of service delivery which he said, his predecessors did not do justice for the residents. He, however, said he would do his best to engage the council and address the challenges for the betterment of the community.

“Mountains of garbage have been springing up and occupying Kwekwe Central Constituency. There was no proper collection of refuse to the designated dumping sites and that way, the place has been a threat to the health system. The council had failed to perform its duty of keeping the city of Kwekwe clean. In the name of my position as a councilor, I swear, I will work closely with the council administration so that there will be improved service delivery.

“…water is life, it is an essential need for the survival of human beings and this idea of water delivery conditions has not been roped in seriously. Residents could struggle to pay water bills which were heavily charged. We will make sure people have bearable charges which do not strain their lives. On the issue of road rehabilitation, the program was not properly worked on. Roads are in an eyesore state, we will tirelessly work out on improving the road networking system,” he said.

Ward 8 councilor Makomborero Mhlambo said that there are several issues affecting development in the City of Kwekwe which include, land bribery, and water woes amongst others. According to him, he looks forward to assisting residents in addressing these challenges together with council management.  

“The problem of land shortage for Amaveni residents will end soon. Every Amaveni bonafide resident should get land to build their new houses. We do not want a situation whereby a big family stays in a small house.

“The exorbitant water charges are going to be addressed so that the residents may get adequate water. I will work on a water reticulation system as well which is currently not functioning well, people should receive water from the council in abundance and in time.

“…roads are a good infrastructural development that adds value to the place and such a development is a step ahead the attraction of investors and tourists to the country. I am with much boldness that I am going to work with the Kwekwe City Council in the proper construction of roads which is the cry of the majority,” he added.

To ensure transparency and accountability, the councilors have pledged to engage with the community through regular meetings, and consultations. They aim to involve residents in decision-making processes, allowing them to have a say in the future development of Kwekwe.

Councilor Kudakwashe Gwamuri said residents have raised red flags on several issues affecting them, and it is now time for these issues to be addressed.

“…the issue of transparency has been raised by residents several times, amongst other issues that include service delivery. So we have to make sure that there is transparency at the townhouse,” said Cllr Gwamuri.

Councilor Alex Senge touched on the importance of recreational facilities for the youths in Kwekwe which are now in a sorry state and in need of renovations.

“…the issue of sporting facilities is being ignored, but we have to rehabilitate such areas. This will help our youths to have a place that they can play at. This will in turn assist us in fighting the scourge of drugs/substance abuse because they will be attached to something. This should be addressed soon…” said Senge.

Speaking in an interview with this reporter Kwekwe Residents and Ratepayers Association Secretary General Alex Homela gave his view on the newly sworn-in council.

“…congratulations to all the councilors. Going forward we recommend that there should be good governance, and policies within the city council. As residents we expect good things from the councilors,” said Homela.

With a renewed sense of hope and determination, Kwekwe’s newly sworn-in councilors are set to embark on a transformative journey that promises to change the face of the city and improve the lives of its residents.

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