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Dr. Madzorera: the compassionate doctor now leads Kwekwe as new Mayor

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Kwekwe, once again, embarks on a new chapter under the exceptional leadership of Dr. Madzorera, a prominent figure in the medical field, who has now taken on the role of Mayor. With his commitment to serving the community and his visionary approach to governance, Kwekwe residents are eagerly anticipating the positive changes that lie ahead.

Dr. Madzorera’s appointment comes as a breath of fresh air for the citizens, who have longed for a compassionate leader with a genuine desire to uplift the city. Known for his kindness and exceptional track record in the medical field, Dr. Madzorera has already won the hearts of many with his selfless dedication to the well-being of others.

Speaking in an interview with this publication after the ceremony, faced with the honor of leading Kwekwe, Dr. Madzorera wasted no time in sharing his vision of a prosperous and inclusive community.

“As a council, our job is to provide services for the people, and we look at those services that may have lagged behind over the years. But first of all the issue of water and sanitation is top of the agenda because that is an important determinant of health. If we are going to banish diseases such as cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and all the waterborne diseases we must make sure everybody has clean water, everybody has a proper toilet. Healthcare delivery itself must be good. We will do everything we can to make sure that we have functional clinics, that are stocked up with medicine, that have good healthcare workers, and all the other peripherals that we need to run a good healthcare clinic.

“The roads are in a deplorable position right now, deplorable condition, and we will have to work very hard to make our roads city status roads. Right now it is like we are in a rural area, there are potholes in every tarred road so that will be a major priority.

“Housing is a very important aspect, we must make sure that everybody who aspires to own a house, something comfortable to live in, has his own ambitions to fill. So I think that is an easy thing for the council to do, if we can put our minds to it because there is land in Kwekwe, and around Kwekwe. We will work hard on that. Then there are other service delivery areas making sure that the city is clean, and that we do not see piles of rubbish in the city, and making sure that the business community is well serviced and operating efficiently so that they can pay rates and taxes to the council, all these are important to us,” said Dr. Madzorera.

Newly elected: Kwekwe Mayor, Dr. Madzorera and Deputy Mayor, Melody Chingarande

He also further stated that there is a need for consensus and cohesion amongst the councilors, and the council management so that together they can work for the betterment of the city. Dr. Madzorera believes that the private sector has a crucial role to play as well in the good performance of the city.

“…so all those relationships that you have mentioned are extremely important to us. First of all the relationship between the councilors, the executives, and city officials, that relationship can make or break the city. So we are determined to make sure the relationship is good. If there have been past transgressions, we are determined to make them good and to make sure that going forward we start working together very well.

“We cannot perform as a council without involving the business community and other city dwellers. So we will have a lot of community meetings and a lot of stakeholder consultations. We have miners, we have other business people in the city we have manufacturers, we have huge companies, and we must consult, and meet them to share our vision, and allow them to buy into our vision. So that the city can move forward, and no one will be left behind in the consultations,” he said.

Kwekwe’s District Development Coordinator Fortune Mupungu echoed the same sentiments in his speech by saying that for the city to prosper unity is key among the councilors and the council management.

“Indeed many of the difficulties we encounter will require minimum unity and cooperation between, and among you as deployees or representatives of the various political parties. Unity of purpose and intent…will allow us to employ our collective wisdom in navigating our councils through stormy waters for the benefit of our people. We must not allow personal differences to obstruct the advances we have made as a district and nation.

“As Mayors and councilors, you have the opportunity every day to effect change and promote a strategic vision of economic growth for the communities. So help shape council decisions that affect the livelihoods of many people. Let us continue to make local governance everyone’s business,” he said.

Meanwhile, Cllr Melody Chingarande was officially elected as the new Deputy Mayor, making history by bouncing back to the deputy mayoral seat. She was appointed Deputy Mayor in the last phase but was recalled after just three days. She has, however, retained to assume the Deputy Mayoral role, and shared her vision.

“As a Deputy Mayor, I am just a councilor, and a representative of my ward as well. It does not mean that when you are a deputy mayor you go against the priorities of the residents. I expect to initiate different projects for the Kwekwe City Council. We had initiated some projects before, but they were not implemented. The manufacturing of clean water is paramount. We have clean water here in Kwekwe, so if we are able to manufacture our own water as the city council that can really move us forward.

“We have noticed that there are other areas that do not have water 24/7. They do not have portable, clean water and sanitation. So this is one area that we are looking forward to working on as our first priority because water is life, without it, we will end up having outbreaks of diseases such as cholera and dysentery. So I think we should provide more water to the residents in all the areas that do not have water,” said Chingarande.

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