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Gokwe RDC council elects new chairperson

Ephraim Munhuwei

In a momentous session recently, the Gokwe Rural District Council (RDC) members gathered to elect a new chairperson for the district. The appointment of the new chairperson comes at a crucial time when the region is actively pursuing development and progress.

After a series of deliberations, votes were cast, and the council elected Amon Karikoga as the new chairperson of Gokwe RDC. Karikoga, a well-respected and experienced local leader, is known for his dedication to public service and commitment to community development.

The election of Karikoga as the chairperson of Gokwe RDC brings a renewed sense of hope and enthusiasm among the council members and the residents. His extensive knowledge of the district’s needs, coupled with his track record of successful community initiatives, played a significant role in securing his appointment. Talent Mudyahoto will be the Vice-chair.

Expressing his gratitude for the trust placed in him, Karikoga pledged to work tirelessly for the betterment of Gokwe RDC. Speaking in an interview with this reporter Karikoga stated that he is a free and friendly person, and hence the Gokwe community should freely approach him to air their challenges so that they may be dealt with.

“I am a free and friendly person who wishes to work with everyone to bring development to Gokwe South District. I am not going to work alone to make our district fruitful but I will work traditionally hand in glove with all main formal departments including, the police and education departments to reduce crimes since I am the Chair of the local disaster management group.

“I am free to receive advice from everyone whether government officials and local people as well. Every member of the community is welcome to come and air grievances in the communities that need attention.

“Councilors and local community members are all free to express their issues so that we cover all community challenges that affect development. All policies and plans must be frankly set with both councilors and community members and all decisions will be well informed,” he said.

He appreciated the work of the outgoing chairperson Mr Masheedzanwa who he described as a hard worker, and is willing to involve him as an advisor.

“I appreciate my Predecessor Mr. Masheedzanwa, I cannot regard him as a failure no, but as a warrior who has a visual mind. It is just that his term came to an end but he is a hard worker who is humble and has a prosperous plan. I am going to work with him as my personal advisor so that our district will be prosperous and free from all evil deeds like corruption.

“Mr Mudyahoto will be my helper and together we will leave a legacy of good work in developing our area. He is my brother, and he is going to provide good work services and future ideas for our community,” he said.

With his extensive experience in local governance, Karikoga aims to foster collaboration among council members, and traditional leaders and tap into the creative potential of the community. He acknowledged the challenges that lie ahead but emphasized the need for unity and active participation from all stakeholders to address them effectively.

“Community members must not hesitate to pay all rates like dip rates, land rates, and domestic animals (cattle) rates, because those rates will help bring development and help to buy materials that will benefit them. Am willing to work peacefully and effectively with all traditional leaders who are close to the local authorities and the community to fulfill council and local priorities. I hope traditional leaders will help us collect taxes from the local people in their areas since it is not the duty of the Councilors to collect rates from everyone. I have strong eagerness and enthusiasts to raise the voices of all marginalised communities and promote active civil participation in development,” said Karikoga.

Moving forward, Karikoga plans to build strong relationships with other government institutions and key stakeholders to implement sustainable development projects in the district. Furthermore, he aims to promote transparency and accountability in government processes to enhance service delivery to the residents of Gokwe.

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