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Lesias Mutegwe Elected as Gokwe Town Council Chairperson

Ephraim Munhuwei

In a landmark election held recently, Lesias Mutegwe was duly elected as the Chairperson of the Gokwe Town Council. The Gokwe Town Council is responsible for overseeing and managing the affairs of the town, making this position of considerable importance in the local governance structure. Mutegwe will be deputised by Vengesai Chipfuko of Ward 6 Mapfungautsi Extension in the next five years.

Mutegwe’s election marks a significant milestone in his political career. Known for his unwavering dedication to community development. He has consistently demonstrated his commitment to improving the lives of Gokwe residents.

With a strong background in local politics, Mutegwe has proven himself as a capable and compassionate leader. His genuine concern for the welfare of the community has earned him widespread support and respect, making him the favored candidate for this crucial position.

The election process was conducted in a fair and transparent manner, adhering to all legal requirements and standards. Mutegwe’s victory serves as a testament to the confidence and trust placed in him by the citizens of Gokwe.

Speaking in an interview with this reporter Mutegwe expressed his gratitude to the electorate for their faith in his leadership. He is optimistic about bringing change in Gokwe Town specifically with regard to infrastructure development, peace, and unity.

Mutegwe went on to outline his vision for Gokwe, emphasizing the importance of sustainable development, improved service delivery, and greater community engagement. He pledged to prioritize pressing issues such as infrastructure development, and corruption.

“…it is my desire to see a prosperous Gokwe which lives in harmony despite political differences. In terms of devolution funds, we will be guided by the relevant statutes and also citizens’ consultations. I desire team spirit in the council. I believe that together we can develop Gokwe into a better town. There is a need for unity because, with disputes and hatred, we cannot step forward in the right direction,” said Mutegwe.

Recognizing the challenges ahead, Mutegwe stressed the need for collaboration and unity among council members, local authorities, and residents alike. He called for a collective effort to address the issues that plague the town and work towards a prosperous future.

“All residents associations are most welcome to work with GTC for the betterment of our town. We wish for zero tolerance to corruption and anything that is linked to the corrupt situation will be disputed,” he emphasised.

As Mutegwe assumes his role as Chairperson, all eyes are on him to fulfill the promises he made during his campaign. With his passion, experience, and dedication, it is anticipated that Gokwe will witness positive changes under his leadership.

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