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Commissioning of Gokwe South District Mortuary Ushers in Infrastructure Development in Gokwe

Ephraim Munhuwei

The government has made significant strides in the development of healthcare facilities, with the latest improvement being the renovation of Gokwe District Hospital. The maternity wing, theatre, and mortuary have undergone refurbishment, and the installation of an incinerator has been made possible through devolution funds.

Furthermore, Gokwe South District Hospital is now equipped with solar power as a reliable backup to the national grid, and a new terrain ambulance has been added to its fleet. Previously, Gokwe Hospital had a mortuary, but it faced challenges due to frequent power cuts and the high cost of fuel for the generator. As a result, the government took the initiative to refurbish the mortuary and provide a solar power system. With the assurance of an uninterrupted power supply, the entire community can find solace in no longer having to rush the burial of their deceased loved ones to prevent decomposition.

The Mortuary has already served the community before its commissioning, accommodating those who unfortunately lost their lives in various bus accidents. One such incident occurred on August 7, 2023, involving a ZUPCO bus, which claimed two lives. Another accident, involving a CAG bus, took place in mid-September in Svisvi, resulting in the loss of two lives as well. These are just a few incidents among many that the Mortuary has handled.

A resident of Gokwe, Sibanda, commended the developments at the hospital, emphasizing the significant improvement in emergency services. He highlighted that in the past, they faced serious challenges, with some patients losing their lives on the way to the hospital. However, with the arrival of the new ambulance, they now have a reliable means of transportation.

Memory Ncube, another resident of Gokwe, pointed out the challenges the community faced in terms of pregnancy emergencies due to the lack of an ambulance and proper maternity facilities. She emphasized the importance of good healthcare and expressed gratitude for the newly established maternity ward and theater. These additions would greatly benefit the community, especially young pregnant women who require dedicated care from nurses and doctors.

Acting Midlands Provincial Medical Director, Dr. Reginald Mhene acknowledged that the absence of an ambulance had been a major challenge for Gokwe. He expressed his appreciation for the government’s intervention through the devolution agenda, which has brought about significant positive changes to the hospital and the community as a whole. The provision of an ambulance marks a major milestone in the improvement of healthcare services in the area.

Dr. Mhene emphasized the crucial role that health plays in the development of a community.

“A community can only develop when the residents are healthy. Health is a critical issue in everyday life. We witnessed the transformation of our own hospital for the better, and we hope to improve our health delivery in Gokwe,” he said.

Minister of State for Midlands Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Owen Ncube, officially commissioned the Gokwe South District Hospital Mortuary, new ambulance, and refurbished wards. The event was attended by Parliamentary Officials, Health officials, and residents of Gokwe.

Ncube assured the community that the Second Republic would continue initiating life-changing projects in various communities.

“Indeed, the Second Republic, through our President, is changing lives in communities for the better, in line with the standards set by the World Health Organization. Our aim is to eradicate poverty and uplift the lives of our people, giving priority to health delivery,” he said.

Ncube expressed his honor and excitement at the opportunity to grace the commissioning of various facilities in Gokwe, including the solar system, renovated mortuary, incinerator, theatre, ambulance, and maternity wards.

Ncube credited the visionary leadership of President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa for making these milestone achievements possible. He acknowledged that some of the facilities had been out of service for a long time, and the implementation of Vision 2030, which began in 2018, played a crucial role in bringing about these positive changes.

“The Second Republic, under our empathetic President, is committed to implementing pro-people programs that bring services closer to the people. Today, we are commissioning an improved and modern healthcare system that aligns with the World Health Organization’s universal health declaration and our National Vision 2030, implemented in 2018,” stated the Provincial Minister.

He also assured that infrastructure development would continue in the Midlands, including Gokwe. He highlighted the initiatives of the New Dispensation.

“Our other initiatives encompass infrastructure, power generation, education, water and sanitation, and agriculture. These initiatives not only contribute to an improved overall standard of living but also have a positive impact on the health and well-being of our citizens, leaving no one and no place behind,” he said.

Ncube emphasized that the Second Republic prioritizes health delivery, as evident in their support for the health sector. He mentioned that budget allocation for the sector is in line with the recommendations of the African Union and regional bodies.

“We will provide more clinics, equipment, and facilities as we aim to uplift marginalized areas and communities. Currently, Gokwe South has two hospitals and 37 clinics, with three facilities being built and completed since the inception of the Second Republic. These include Mapfungautsi Poly Clinic, Kateme Clinic, and the soon-to-be-commissioned Ganye Clinic,” he added.

Ncube expressed gratitude for the President’s bold decision to implement the Devolution and Decentralization Agenda, as stipulated in the Constitution of Zimbabwe and other policies.

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