Gokwe South district prepares for polio vaccination program

Ephraim Munhuwei

Gokwe South District, located in the Midlands Province, is gearing up to vaccinate over 70,000 children as part of the upcoming polio supplementary immunization activity. The program, scheduled to commence on Tuesday, October 10, 2023, aims to reach its target by the end of the three-day campaign on October 13.

During a budget consultation meeting held last week on Thursday, October 5, at the Gokwe Town Council boardroom, senior worker Madhlokuwa highlighted the district’s objectives.

“Our goal is to vaccinate 70,028 children below the age of five. Health officials will visit households throughout the day, targeting an average of 17,507 children per day. They will also cover locations such as marketplaces, schools, clinics, churches, and hospitals. Gokwe has enjoyed great support from various stakeholders, and we are confident of reaching a 95% vaccination target,” he said.

Gokwe South District, the largest district in the Midlands Province, boasts 37 clinics and one referral district hospital. The province as a whole is aiming to vaccinate thousands of children during this exercise.

Dr. Reginald Mhene, the Acting Midlands Provincial Medical Director, emphasized the importance of community participation in achieving their vaccination goals.

“We are immensely grateful for the continuous support of our stakeholders, especially during these challenging times of COVID-19. Our strong working relationships have enabled us to overcome obstacles. We, therefore, appeal for your continued support as we approach Round 4 of the Polio supplementary immunization activity,” expressed Dr. Mhene.

Dr. Mhene, also emphasised the urgency of collective efforts to prevent polio among children under the age of five.

“Let us work together to ensure that every child receives the polio vaccine on time. It is essential that we remain vigilant and assist our children in accessing these life-saving vaccines,” urged Dr. Mhene.

With the collective efforts of the local community and various stakeholders, the Gokwe South District aims to successfully carry out the polio vaccination program and ensure the health and well-being of its young population.

In line with this, it is crucial to emphasize that everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs or cultural traditions, is encouraged to actively participate in the fight against polio. This disease does not discriminate, and it is only through our united efforts that we can protect our community from its devastating effects.

We can make a difference by spreading awareness and encouraging parents and caregivers to take advantage of this vital vaccination program. By doing so, we can ensure the health and well-being of our youngest generation and contribute to the global effort of eradicating polio.

Remember, together we are stronger, and with our shared commitment, we can protect our children from the threat of polio. Let us continue working hand in hand and make a positive impact on the lives of our community’s future leaders.

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