Midlands T20 Tournament gets major boost with new sponsorship from Two Keys

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In a significant development for the cricketing community, the Midlands T20 tournament received a major boost with the announcement of new sponsorship from Two Keys, a leading whiskey company. The tournament, known for promoting emerging cricket talent in the region, is set to be taken to greater heights with this lucrative partnership.

The sponsorship deal with Two Keys, a renowned whiskey company committed to supporting sports and youth development, signifies a significant milestone for the tournament.

“I want to thank Midlands Cricket, and Kwekwe Sports Club for giving us this opportunity, we got the opportunity to give back. We take these opportunities to thank our customers, because i saw happines, Two Keys and all those brands, these are the only opportunities that we get to thank the people who drink our products. So thank you very much for this opportunity,” said Daniel, the Two Keys representative.

The Midlands Cricket Association expressed their gratitude and enthusiasm regarding the sponsorship, “…welldone Two Keys, it is not easy to realise that your strategic objectives in terms of marketing aligns with Midlands Cricket Association. This is very critical, and important, thank you for being with us in terms of development of our cricket,” said a grateful Farai Gwisai.

Speaking during the same event Zimbabwe Cricket Director, and former national team cricket captain Hamilton Masakadza expressed his gratitude towards Two keys while mentioning the importants of such grassroots tournament in the development of the sport.

“…I am personally excited, and I am always excited when I go to such events like these because being at events like these means there is more cricket being played in the country.

“…I watched this particular tournament last year, and I was quite impressed by what I saw. So to see the Two Keys guys coming aboard and supporting what is already happening here in Midlands, it’s very exciting, and thank you guys. Hopefullly we will get more people coming along like Utande team are doing as well to support these sort of lower levels where cricket really starts, and cricket really happens. So the more that it happens, the more better things are getting for us, and we are very excited about that, and we give you a huge thanks for that.

“To the players, keep doing what you are doing, I know it did not go on so well for teams in this part of the region in the NPL, but I am sure that you guys are building, and you are building from what happened this year, and we will see more from you this season,” remarked Masakadza.

The Midlands 2-Keys T20 tournament,will undoubtedly witness a higher level of competition and excitement this year. Given the heightened interest generated by the latest sponsorship deal, cricket enthusiasts across the region eagerly await the unfolding of this year’s edition, as it promises to be an unforgettable event filled with top-class cricketing action.

The partnership with Two Keys has also attracted increased media coverage and attention from potential investors. This newfound exposure is expected to open doors to further collaborations and partnerships, strengthening the Midlands T20 tournament’s position as a premier cricketing event in the region.

Moreover, the heightened prestige of the Midlands T20 tournament could attract a larger pool of sponsors in the future, resulting in even greater opportunities for emerging players and ensuring the longevity of the event.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship from Two Keys, the Midlands T20 tournament is set to become a hotbed of talent, providing aspiring cricketers with an unrivaled platform to showcase their skills and pursue their dreams. The Midlands region can look forward to witnessing thrilling matches, brilliant displays of batting and bowling, and the rise of future cricketing stars.

With the support of Two Keys and the dedication of the Midlands Cricket Association, the tournament is geared up to leave an indelible mark on the cricketing landscape, making it a crown jewel in the ever-expanding cricketing calendar.

Results of the games so far:
Mbizo Cricket Club 195/7 defeated Redcliff Cricket Club 131/7
Redcliff Cricket Club 107/4 defeated Kwekwe Cricket Club 103/10
Mbizo Cricket Club 186/8 defeated Kwekwe Cricket Club 129/10

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